by Dot Dash

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INFO: Searchlights, the new album from Dot Dash, is out now on The Beautiful Music. It’s the Washington D.C.-based band’s fifth album in less than five years, all of them released by Ottawa-based The Beautiful Music, and marks the label’s 36th release. Recorded over a weekend at North Carolina’s Fidelitorium Studios and produced by Missy Thangs (Ex Hex, Ian McLagan), the 15-track Searchlights is Dot Dash’s most varied, expansive album yet.

Dot Dash has played shows with The B-52s, The Fleshtones, The Psychedelic Furs, Stiff Little Fingers, Richard Lloyd (ex-Television), The Dickies, Tommy Keene, Ash, The Chameleons, Ultimate Painting, The Drums, Hugh Cornwell (ex-Stranglers), The Monochrome Set, The Clientele, The Bats, Ian Hunter (ex-Mott The Hoople), The Godfathers, Urge Overkill, Moon Duo, Glen Matlock (ex-Sex Pistols), The Trashcan Sinatras, Frankie Rose, Sylvain Sylvain (ex-New York Dolls), Drivin'n'Cryin', The Empty Hearts, Wussy, Matt Pond PA, Terry Malts, Soulside, Jack Grisham (TSOL), Wax Idols, Chris Stamey (ex-dBs), Allo Darlin', The Supersuckers, Adam Franklin (Swervedriver), The Explorers Club, Elf Power, Stevie Jackson (Belle & Sebastian), Eternal Summers & lots of other rocking combos.


released June 14, 2016

Terry Banks - guitar, vocals
Steve Hansgen - lead guitar
Hunter Bennett - bass
Danny Ingram - drums

All songs published by Escalator In The Rain (ASCAP)
Administered by Rough Trade Publishing

Recorded March 5-6, 2016 at Fidelitorium, Kernersville NC
Produced by Missy Thangs
Mastered at Peerless/Boston
Released by The Beautiful Music (Beauty036)




all rights reserved


Dot Dash Washington, D.C.

band in DC

5 albums so far, all on The Beautiful Music, Ottawa, Canada.


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Track Name: Dumb Entertainment
Let's hear it for dumb entertainment
Let's hear it for walking in the rain
Let's hear it for dead men walking
Don't worry, I'm just talking

It's all this and nothing more

Let's hear it for wasting time
And straying from the straight line
Don't worry, we'll be fine
I'm ridiculous, you’re sublime

It's all this and nothing more

Under the light of the moon
Any dream can come true
But in the cold light of day
They always fade away
Track Name: Lonely Serenade
Don't rain on my parade
Or make lemons out of lemonade
Don't pray for sun
When I'm digging shade

Look what the cat dragged in
Chasing fast women and sloe gin
He's a rat
But you can't poison him

It's a lonely serenade
An unmodified readymade
A will o' the wisp, a leaf on the wind
A pin dropping amidst the din
It's a lonely serenade
An unmodfied readymade
A will o' the wisp...

When does the end end and the start begin?
All you protest kids, I’ve got a message for you, there's no 'i' in win
You look like you’ve seen a ghost
Traipsing in, singing 'Pillar to Post'
Gunga Din and Donny Most
Track Name: Searchlights
Ended up in a vanished world last night
Went back past the last twilight
I was calling, calling your name
But you were gone anyway

Searchlights cut across the sky
Way back, past the last twilight
I was calling, calling your name
But you were gone anyway
Track Name: Crumbs
Sooner or later every caped crusader
Finds a villain he can't beat
Leaping tall buildings must've been thrilling
But you're back on the street

Two trees standing at an angle
One falls down
One's still touching the sky
The other's on the ground

Don't follow the crowd just to end up alone
There's plenty of moss on rolling stones
Don't pay for the cost of what you already own
And drop enough crumbs to find your way home
Track Name: 10,000 Days
Do you remember the time?
Two infinite lines
It's growing grimmer,
It's getting dimmer in my mind

10,000 days
Fell into place
The latest information's
Out of date
The faded away sometime
They’re gone to stay
Track Name: Wishing Star
Daylight, keep shining bright
'Til the moon burns a hole in the night
River flows, don't know where it goes
Winds change direction, head out to the coast

It won't matter where you are
If you fall upon a wishing star
No matter how near or far

It won't mean that much to me,
If it's Tell Her No, or Set Me Free, or My Own Face Inside The Trees
Track Name: The Infinite
Next Saturday morning
Without warning
Sound the alarm
Tell everyone

Push in to the infinite
Sound like a symphony
As far as the eye can see
Saw everyone

And wind into sail
And hammer to nail
You can imagine it

And 10 down to one
And none
And none
And none
And none
And none
Track Name: Summer Light
Wouldn't it be something if it turned out to be nothing?
And the world was still your oyster
Well, you wouldn't have a choice
But to say this is the last day of the past of your life

Wouldn't it be a wonder
If the rolling clouds of thunder tore the darkest nights asunder
While we were still in slumber, just to wake up once again
At very nearly ten and then, outside, summer light…

Wouldn't it be amazing if the telescopes kept gazing
The lazy eyes were lazing, the appraisers stopped appraising
They say there's not a word for it
No ands, buts, ors or ifs
Track Name: Dance on Broken Glass
Pick a card, any card
You're an open book, I'm an open bar
Dance on broken glass

Stop this car, I'm getting out
The roads are closed east, west, north, south
Dance on broken glass

A germination but not enough to bring the flowers out
A levitation, not high enough to reach the clouds
(A celebration, of what I never found out)
I thought I had it all figured out, but I have my doubts
Track Name: Woke Up Saturday Night
Woke up Saturday night
Had my breakfast in bed
Sunday morning
I’m gonna go to bed dead

Sometimes you get so high
You gotta lay low
I saw a face in the mirror
That I didn’t know

Television laughs at me
People stop and stare
I bought some stationery
Cause I'm going nowhere

I’m gonna close my eyes
So that I can see
I saw a face in the mirror
But it wasn’t me
Track Name: Holly Garland
From here to destiny and back to nowhere
We’ve got no chemistry, e=MC squared
Caught in the rain, hear the wind start to howl
And the birds call her name, Holly Garland

Tenderly with leading man’s eyes
He passes her a tissue of lies
Caught in the rain, hear the wind start to howl
And the birds call her name, Holly Garland

Feeling 10 feet tall, the sun will shine down on us all
And cast shadows deep and wide and long
It’s not if but when, it could be now or it could be then
I’ll let you know as soon as I find out
Track Name: Something In-Between
If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no there to hear it
Does it make a sound?
If you want to join The Flat Earth Society
Can you know the earth is round?

It’s not impossible but it may be illogical
Chaotic or methodical or something in-between

If a train leaves Station A
And travels west for half a day, do you care?
If it’s three yards and a cloud of dust
Will precious metals turn to rust in the air?

It’s not impossible but it may be illogical
Chaotic or methodical or something in-between
Track Name: Daddy Long Legs
I saw Daddy Long Legs
He’s creeping down the sidewalk
He moves about an inch an hour
Then he’s gone

If you run into Daddy Long Legs
Don’t let him get a hold of you
He’s got about a hundred arms
And you’ve got two

Miserabella, Cinderella, Citronella
What’s in a name?
Send a letter to Loretta ‘bout her sweater
She’s got herself to blame
Track Name: Fading Out
I’m not giving up, I’m not giving in, I got a feeling my ship’s coming in
The night was fading out, the light was rolling in,
Not sure where I was
or where I'd been

That’s when I remembered to forget
Everything I forgot to regret
It just occurred to me

You can stay out late, ‘til the crack of dawn
You can think you’re right and still be wrong
A lock’s no good without a key
You can’t drain the water from the sea

That’s when I remembered to forget
Everything I forgot to regret
It just occurred to me
Track Name: In The End
Don’t wait until yesterday
To wile your deepest blues away
You’ll be here for a while
You can sob or you can smile

Don’t rush or hurry
Don’t fret or worry
It won’t matter
In the end