Proto Retro

by Dot Dash

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Thomas Mellaerts
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Thomas Mellaerts If you like the Moving Targets, The Feelies, Machine Gun Etiquette-era Damned, XTC in 1979, .. get this! These guys combine jangle pop, powerpop and punkrock like no other band.
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Wallytbm One of my favourite tracks from one of the best releases in 2018 with hints of early New Order but with a bit more punch! Favorite track: Tamed a Wild Beast.
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nscalera Reminiscent of the greatest jangle pop music ever, yet unique and original. Favorite track: Gray Blue Green.
Steve Shannon
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Steve Shannon Great musicians, great guys, and another great album. I'm fortunate to still live close enough to DC to get to see Dot Dash live.
John Lisa
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John Lisa I discovered them. Favorite track: Gray Blue Green.
I bought it on the never-never I went out in unfair weather Ticking boxes, boxing clever Under heavy manners, lighter than a feather It goes off and on; it’s here, it’s gone I was hell bent on fake leather Don’t call it a jumper, you know it’s a sweater Stop saying cheers (no one says that here) Started out laughing, ended in tears.
When I wake up early in the morning I can’t recall what I should forget It may come back to me later on Maybe, but not yet When you get so low, down looks like up When you get so high, there’s no dark, there’s just light When you’re in-between, lost in the gray blue green Return to the dream.
It was a bad hand right from the start A bent joker and the Queen of Hearts It wasn’t on the cards Or written in the stars But you can’t win ‘em all In fact you might lose it all It’s just how it is Don’t pay attention, there won’t be a quiz Red letter days Blue skies turn gray And rain falls straight onto your face But you can’t erase the tears that you taste Riding clowns at the rodeo Drinking like Edgar Allan Poe Somebody’s gotta do it I don’t care if you can see right through it
It was a short part of a long time It was a bolt of light out of a dark sky Cherubs were singing Bells were ringing out Let’s hear it for the path of least resistance You could see the future fading out in the distance Cherubs were singing Bells were ringing out It was a short part of a long time It was a parachute hanging from a powerline Cherubs were singing Bells were ringing out.
TV/Radio 02:40
To the witty, willing and wild To the booster who just got back from Carolina To the man in a wig talking about China You’ve gotta lose it if you want to find it It’s on the TV, it’s on the radio Living above a bodega I was snorting the remains of Mr. Alan Vega They were throwing dice, I was throwing shade You don’t have to make it up if you‘ve got it made.
If you moved a mountain If you tamed a wild beast If you walk on water or swim in the streets Keep it to yourself If you dream in color Rolled around on the village green If you’ve ever been there, if you know what I mean Keep it yourself If you turned a corner If you rose above If you ever wondered why you hate love Keep it to yourself.
Wherever you’re going We’ll be under the same sky Whatever fruit you’re growing You’re still the apple of my eye The sun will send a rainbow To lighten up the sky ‘Cause after all dear You were born to fly Whenever it’s snowing If a flake lands in your eye Or if the wind’s blowing And you’re high as a kite The sun will send a rainbow To lighten up the sky ‘Cause after all dear You were born to fly.
Fast Parade 02:53
Forget your endless summer Marching to your own drummer It’s like a total bummer and a fast parade A rolling roller coast, an unholy only holy host again Turn off the television I’m seeing single vision I’m wracked with indecision But then again maybe not With or without you For worse or better Driving along the coast Are those rocks or is it heather?
Do you see blue and black or gold and white? Don’t say it couldn’t be ‘cause it might Tonight of a thousand nights, strung out like a string of lights Under dead satellites I’m calling from the world’s last payphone I’ve gone back in time, please remain on the line I had the inside track on an outside chance I had the worst ideas and the best-laid plans Tonight of a thousand nights, strung out like a string of lights Under dead satellites.
Green on Red 02:32
Greed on red, red on white Cellophane across the sky Sugar cane growing high Chicken foot, snake eyes Anything that’s born can also die Sometimes the truth is made of lies I’m standing on a bridge to nowhere And if it caves in, well I don’t care And if I should fall through the fearful, fetid air Forget the truth, tell me the dare I made a hat of a Texas map I made a bed of a railroad track ‘Cause I’m never going back.
Vision getting clearer Far off things somehow nearer Seven years for a cracked mirror That’s what I’ve heard Don’t worry about what you can’t control The parts are greater than the sum of the whole You can run and duck for cover, you can try to trade this for that or the other But you’re left with yourself Time as an abstract Snaps back like elastic There’s a great past in plastics Or so I’ve heard.
I got down when the jig was up I had an unsteady walk and a run of bad luck And now she’s so far away She said she didn’t plan to leave, she just forgot to stay The sun in morning and the moon at night They’re part of my disguise I got out while the getting was good Things didn’t go as planned (like I knew they would) And now she’s so far away She said she didn’t plan to leave, she just forgot to stay. The sun in morning and the moon at night They’re part of my disguise I was hiding in plain sight, between the dark and light The sun in morning and the moon at night They’re part of my disguise.


Proto Retro is out now on The Beautiful Music. It was recorded at Inner Ear and The Bastille and produced by Geoff Sanoff.

DIGIPAK CD: Proto Retro is available as a digipak CD (which includes a FREE Bandcamp download of the album) from the label's Web shop @

Along the way, Dot Dash has played shows with The Undertones, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The B-52s, Richard Lloyd (ex-Television), The Monochrome Set, The Minus 5 (ex-Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M.), The Psychedelic Furs, 999, The Chameleons, The Dickies, Ash, Hugh Cornwell (ex-Stranglers), Stiff Little Fingers, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Vibrators, The Fleshtones, Glen Matlock (ex-Sex Pistols), Urge Overkill, Ian Hunter (ex-Mott The Hoople), The Drums, The Bats, Ultimate Painting, The Trashcan Sinatras, The Clientele, Sylvain Sylvain (ex-New York Dolls), Drivin'n'Cryin, The Godfathers, The Nude Party, Frankie Rose, The Empty Hearts (mems of Blondie/The Cars/ The Romantics/Chesterfield Kings), D.O.A., Field Day (ex-Dag Nasty), Wussy, The Essex Green, Matt Pond PA, Moon Duo, Terry Malts, Soulside, Jack Grisham (TSOL), Miss Lonelyheart, Wax Idols, Apollo 66, Office of Future Plans, Allo Darlin', Tommy Keene, Adam Franklin (Swervedriver), The Explorers Club, Chris Stamey (ex-dB’s), Elf Power, X___X (ex-Rocket From The Tombs, Electric Eels), Ladybug Transistor, American Television, The Supersuckers, Stevie Jackson (Belle & Sebastian), Eternal Summers & lots of other rocking combos.


released July 27, 2018

Terry Banks: guitar/vocals
Hunter Bennett: bass
Danny Ingram: drums

Recorded at Inner Ear and The Bastille
Produced by Geoff Sanoff
Additional recording by Eamonn Aiken

All songs published by Escalator In The Rain (ASCAP)
Administered by Rough Trade Publishing


all rights reserved



Dot Dash Washington, D.C.

band in DC

6 albums so far, all on The Beautiful Music, Ottawa, Canada.

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